Whether you are pursuing an agent or leadership position, CR is the best company for you. Period.

Some of the FREE BENEFITS we offer

Paperless Transactions

“I love that every process is paperless and that I can easily track all of my files and receive my commission checks virtually.”

Xavier, VA.


Call Center Referrals

“I’ve close over 30 call center referrals per year. I love that I can do my own business and get a ton of business through the call center as well”

Isaiah, VA.


Website & Technology

“When I joined the firm, everything was so fast and easy. My website and everything was set up within hours. With kvCore, I can purchase leads and power all of my online marketing needs all in one place.”

Heather, FL.


Broker Support

“I love that there is tons of support without any micromanagement. I can call him and go see him in person anytime I need him because he’s local.”

Matt, TX.


No Monthly Tech Fees

“I only pay $50 for E&O insurance. I pay no monthly tech fees, desk fees, or dues. I love it!”

Erin, VA.


100% Commission

“I have sold over 30 houses this year, and now I’m only giving the company $4,000 for the whole year. And now I get 100% commission.”

John McClaren, VA.

Principal Broker

What makes CR Stand Out?

CR offers agents tools and support with the industry’s best commission plan.

Revenue Share

Multiply your passive income by earning part of the company dollar in revenue share for the agents that you sponsor.

Ownership Stocks

$250 after your first closing, $250 when an agent you sponsor has their first closing, $4,000 when you cap, Become an influencer & earn $10,000 back in ownership stocks! 

100% Commission

Keep 100% of your commission when you reach our annual cap of $14,000 nationwide!

Health Insurance

We offer our agents affordable, quality healthcare choices so you’ll never have to worry about the stress of finding affordable healthcare.

Charity Program

Give back! We donate 10% of our company dollar to one of the ten pre-approved charities of your client’s choice. This comes at no cost to the agent.

Virtual Office Assistant

Leverage your time and talent with our Virtual Office Assistants who can help with your transaction coordination, quality control and more!

Cutting Edge Technology

Generate business with your industry leading, personalized website, and enjoy our custom, cutting edge technology.

Call Center Referrals

Receive referrals from our call center as they become available in your specified area and price point.

Leadership Opportunities

Grow your skill set and your earning potential with our rewarding leadership opportunities and four different revenue streams.

Ready for the opportunity of a lifetime?

Our Commission Plan

Are you looking for a company where you can have 100% commission cap?

A Simple Plan With No Monthly Fees

No Franchisee Fees!

$50 E&O Fee!

No Desk Fees!

No Monthly Technology Fees!

Earn Ownership Stock

Pay as little as $4,000 NET dollars to the company!

100% Commission When You Cap

Commission split of 80/20 until $14,000 company dollar cap is hit. 

Once the agent caps, they will receive 100% commission on all transactions for the remainder of the year. 

Their team members will be eligible for the 100% once they contribute a “half-cap” or “quarter-cap” as applicable.

Are you ready to do MORE with your career?

Interested in learning more about real estate agent career opportunities at CR? Whether you already have a license or are looking to get one soon, let one of our managing partners reach out to you. It’s their joy to serve and guide you.

Need more info? Check out these short videos.